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If you live in the Aldershot Parliamentary Constituency and you wish to become a UKIP member affiliated to our local Branch, please print this form, fill it in and return it to us. But first check that you are in the right area as described below:

Contact Us

The Aldershot constituency currently consists of two areas:

If you click either of the above links you will be asked for the first line of your address and then it will identify your District Ward, your local councillors and details of local services such as rubbish collections.

Yateley East has the Constituency Boundary running through it, dividing Aldershot from North East Hants. If you think you are in Yateley East, or you are otherwise uncertain about your constituency, click on the map below, then you can zoom in on your location.

The shaded area surrounded by a black line is the Aldershot Parliamentary Constituency.

The red lines are District boundaries and the line across the Constituency near the M3 is the boundary between Rushmoor in the south and Hart District in the north.

If you are not in the Aldershot Constituency you can sign up from the National UKIP website and they will allocate you to a local group.

Note: Boundary changes are planned for 2018 so we will lose the area of Hart District in the north and gain other areas of Hart District in the west including Church Crookham.

General Enquiries

Send us an email: