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About Us: Candidates

Vote Leave campaigner Roy Swales

UKIP candidate for Aldershot

“It is a great honour and a privilege to be selected to stand here in Aldershot. I want to ensure that the work that was carried out in Aldershot, during the EU referendum, is completed and that the Brexit legacy, that we all fought so hard for, is continued.”

Roy joined the British Army in 1973 serving until 1990 when he became part of the reserve Army. He served with the RAMC and RMP and spent most of his service in and around Aldershot.

His partner is a Palliative Care Clinical Manager and lead manager in this field, in the NHS. They have two daughters, one a teacher in Farnborough, the other who works for Hampshire County Council.

Roy ran in the General Election 2015 in the New Forest, coming second to Dr Julian Lewis and also stood for the Police and Crime Commissioner Elections in 2016, a total of 62k people in Hampshire, the IOW and the New Forest voted for Roy.

He is passionate about policing, the NHS and defence. An ardent Vote Leave campaigner, he was a major part of the Vote Leave campaign in the New Forest and gave speeches alongside Dan Hannan, Chris Grayling and Julian Lewis.

A vote for Roy is a vote to ensure the Brexit we voted for is the Brexit we win. “It's my promise to you, the voters of Aldershot.”

General Election, Thursday 8th June 2017

Mike Gascoigne

UKIP candidate for North East Hampshire

I have lived in Blackwater for 40 years with my wife Fiona and we have raised our four children here and they have all grown up and gone.

We are in the northern part of the Aldershot Parliamentary Constituency which will be transferred to North East Hampshire in 2018 when the proposed boundary changes go ahead.

I worked as a chemical engineer in the oil industry, then became a freelance technical author, producing manuals and user guides for a wide range of engineering products and processes, for companies in the UK and Europe.

The European Union

I have already stood as a UKIP candidate in local elections three times and now I am standing as a Parliamentary candidate because I believe that the UK can be prosperous as an independent nation, free from the bureaucracy and control that comes from the European Union.

I was actively involved in the Referendum campaign last year, organising people to distribute leaflets and newspapers to households in Blackwater, representing UKIP and Vote Leave. It was a successful local campaign which contributed to the national result of 52% in favour of leaving the European Union, but the job is only half done.

We have a Conservative government that appears to be working for Brexit, but they have both Leavers and Remainers within their own party. If they are returned to Parliament with a large majority as they apparently expect, how do we know that they will fulfil the promises they have made this side of the election? We need some UKIP members in Parliament because we are the only party where everybody is committed to leaving the European Union.

Social Integration

I would like to build a cohesive, integrated society where we all show due respect for those who have different views from ourselves. One person’s rights is another person’s discrimination, and I do not want to see equality laws being used to drag people into court over something to do with a cake.

Also in the interests of social integration, and for our safety and security, we should all be expected to show our faces in public places, regardless of any other dress codes that we wish to observe.

Everybody should be encouraged to speak English as the common language of the UK, regardless of any other languages we may speak.

There is only one system of law in the UK, it’s called British law. The European Union participates in the legislative process until we finally leave, but it’s still called British law, operating under the authority of the Crown. There will be no parallel systems of law operating in this country in competition with British law.

The Family

I am concerned about the following issues:

I am the Secretary of a group of UKIP members called Support 4 the Family and our aim is to promote the family as the basic unit of society, responsible for raising the next generation who represent the future of our country.

Mike Gascoigne

This article promoted by Mike Gascoigne on behalf of UKIP North East Hampshire Branch,
5 Christchurch Drive, Blackwater, GU17 0HA

Great day campaigning in Aldershot and Farnborough with team Swales, lots of support and great engagement with the public.

Hustings: Monday 5 June 2017

Holy Trinity Church, Victoria Road, Aldershot, GU11 1SJ

Arrive 19:00 for 19:30 start. Expected finish time 21:30